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Director of the RVC-USMP
Arturo Pareja

Dr. Arturo Pareja Cruz

Medical-surgeon graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad de San Martin de Porres. Microbiologist and Immunologist, Clinical Laboratory, Doctor of Medicine (USMP), Master in Public Health (USMP), Master’s in Infectious and Tropical Diseases (UPCH), RENACyT Researcher, professor of undergraduate and graduate departments of the Faculty of Medicine at Universidad de San Martín de Porres.

Former President of the Peruvian Society of Immunology, Former Secretary General of the Latin American Association of Immunology, Member of the Latin American Federation of Parasitology, the Peruvian Association of Microbiology, and the Peruvian Association of Parasitology.

  • Strengthen research of excellence in emerging and re-emerging viral infectious diseases.
  • Support technological innovation to detect and control viral and other infectious diseases, as well as technological development in this area.
  • Train human resources with high technical capacity and scientific innovation.
  • Address the most relevant public health problems in our country.

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